June 6, 2023

PR and Interviews: What to expect

Your content is published. Now what?

To maximize the impact of your publication, you can take a few additional steps that will enhance your social proof and web authority.

Link the content as “do follow” on your website

By linking the content on your site, you are building a recursive referral back to your publication, which in turn enhances your name recognition and website authority. Since the publication has your website linked, linking back to the publication ensures a continuous ebb and flow, which search engines prefer, as they indicate a trustworthy source on the subject matter (I.E., you or your business). Additionally, by linking it as “do follow,” you are in turn enhancing the rank of your publication URL, which means it will likely rise higher in search results.

Share your publication on social media

Social media is a great way to increase your exposure in general, and sharing your link on platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn enhances the interview’s “authority” overall. While most social media links are “no-follow” by default, the sheer size of the platform is enough to tell the web crawlers that this content is unique, and as such, is a reliable source of information on you or your business. Furthermore, when your friends, family, and colleagues click the link to your interview or publication, they will inevitably find your linked websites via the content, which has the potential to boost traffic and web authority.

Casually mention the interview or press release to prospective clients

The main reason people want to be interviewed or have a press release published is because of the added social proof it brings. If you find yourself competing for search rankings with your name or your business name, a more direct approach is to share the content link directly with clients, albeit subtly (no one likes a show-off!) By doing this, you are implicitly building trust with the client and increasing potential conversions. Research shows that having an interview or press release published by a third party dramatically increases the likelihood that a prospective client will view you or your business more favorably.

Don’t stop doing what you do best

Many people believe that the interview or press release alone will take most of the workload off. Still, the reality is that the increased exposure will only be temporary if you decide to take a backseat when running your business—search engines like two things: Volume and Consistency. You can increase volume through the steps mentioned above, but if it has been years since you have updated your site or made a blog post, then the search engines will determine you are no longer active. Remember, the BizTech Weekly publication is just one tool that highlights your business success; you still have to run a stellar business.

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